Life Services

Contact: Roger Phillips
St. Augustine, FL
Phone: (904) 429-0159

Life Services is a faith-based interdenominational organization founded in January 2008 by ordinary people called by God to an extraordinary mission, helping people facing unplanned pregnancies.

Deb Haller, Development Director for Life Network (Colorado), sums up our mission well:

Picture a river with rushing waters heading for a great waterfall. In the water are hundreds of live babies.

Our ministries represent people on the shore who are jumping in the water to save as many babies as possible. While we never want to stop pulling those babies out of the water, we must do more. We must go upstream and find where and how those babies are stumbling into the water and prevent other babies from falling in.

In the United States, 1 in 3 women will have at least 1 abortion by age 45.

1.2 million babies’ lives are taken every year.   That’s 48 million lives lost since 1973.

One in three teenage girls in the US get pregnant at least once before age 20.

And in 2008, 30 percent of all live births in our county were to unwed mothers.

Imagine for a moment with me that the entire senior classes of St. Augustine and Pedro Menendez High Schools were wiped out.  People are in shock.  The schools have to bring grief counselors in.  Officials wonder how this could happen and people would be demanding that something be done.  An event of this magnitude would bring the media from all over and our community would be on the national news.

An equivalent catastrophe happens in St. Johns County EVERY YEAR with very little attention.  We estimate that 713 babies were aborted in 2007 to St. Johns County residents.  That’s slightly more than the combined 2008 graduating classes for St. Augustine and Menendez high schools.  Although there are no abortion clinics in our county, women can travel just 37 miles to the nearest abortion provider in Jacksonville.

Florida is third in the nation for the number of abortions performed.

Another surprising statistic is that 70 percent of all abortions are to women who identify themselves as Christian.

We cannot just sit by and stay silent about these statistics.  We cannot simply watch the waterfall.  We must stem the tide by helping men and women feeling trapped by crisis pregnancies