Project # Street City ZIP Description of Work to be completed # People Other Information
2590 Pearl St St Aug 32084 Repair hole in kitchen floor    
2892 Nesmith Ave St Aug 32084 Patch gaps where AC enters the house, replace some rotten word, screen repair, replace door knob    
2941 4th St St Aug 32080 Repair back door screen    
3077 Varella Ave St Aug 32084 Ramp repaired    
3099 Elsie Rd St Aug 32086 Needs part of walkway widened    
3117 Island Landing Dr St Aug 32095 Fix molding on cabinets in kitchen    
3124 S Rodriquez St St Aug 32084 Repair to ramp and screen back porch    
3136 Madeore St St Aug 32084 Repair window sill, build ramp at back of house and check flooring (where sagging)    
CF-1536 W King St St Aug 32084 Floor in small bathroom needs repair    
CF-1547 Leonard Rd Hastings 32145 Repair front and back porch/deck 5-Apr  
CF-1568 Vele St Elkton 32033 Power wash deck   Need power washer
CF-1571 SR 207 Lot #26 St Aug 32086 Flooring repairs in mobile home and wall under a window needs repair    
CF-1600 W 3rd St St Aug 32084 Back porch and roof need repair    
CF-1603 N Whitney St St Aug 32084 Repair to front steps, toilet, rotten wood at back of house due to leak in roof    
CF-1632 Christopher St St Aug 32084 Minor repairs to walls and floors 3  
CF-1634 ML King Ave St Aug 32084 Needs repairs around the home to include in the bathroom and kitchen    
CF-1638 Carter Rd St Aug 32084 Repair three glass windows and install two slabs 3  
CF-1652 Abby Ln St Aug 32084 Repair and paint back deck    
CF-1653 Nixon Ln Elkton 32033 Install one set of kitchen base cabinets, sink and countertop. Carpentry skills helpful. 3-Feb  
CF-1661 Sea Woods Dr St Aug 32080 Pressure wash house and some minor repairs   Need power washer
CF-1662 Rio Royalled Rd St Aug 32080 Painting stairwell    
CF-1663 First Ave St Aug 32095 Pressure wash home, window repair, landscaping    
CF-1667 Old Moultrie Rd St Aug 32084 Replace front door threshold, repair rotten wood in door frame and replace dryer vent 3  
CF-1675 Ave B St Aug 32095 Yard work    
CF-1679 Shores Blvd St Aug 32086 Trim about 200 ft of hedges, paint and replace plywood roof on small pump house    
CF-1685 Phoentia St St Aug 32086 Paint garage door, sanding/painting repairs to drywall, toilet and fence repair    
CF-1686 Washington St St Aug 32084 Repairs/replacement on the handicap ramp    
CF-1687 Smith St St Aug 32084 Prep and paint half the exterior of the house